I’ve finally regained access to the internet since moving into my new place 2 weeks ago! Woo hoo! So, for my first post of several weeks, I thought I’d try to make it… Continue reading

Ooey Gooey S’Mores

As previously mentioned, before heading up to my cottage a few weeks ago, I prepared cinnamon graham crackers and raspberry lemonade marshmallows. I’ve always wanted to make homemade s’mores from scratch to cook… Continue reading


I’m back! Unfortunately, though, for a little while longer it won’t be nearly as often as I’d like. Things are pretty hectic for me as it is right now, and I haven’t got… Continue reading

Mediterranean Couscous and Vegetarian Frittata

These past few days I’ve been without a thing to do with myself. So, naturally, I’ve been cooking and baking up a storm! Since Monday this week, I’ve made all this stuff… –… Continue reading

Sunday Brunch: Individual Potato & Egg Brekky Bakes

I like my breakfasts quick, simple, delicious and nutritious. I don’t like to fuss all morning preparing a meal, only to end up mindlessly inhaling what I’ve so strenuously poured all of my… Continue reading

2 Salads and an 8-Mile Run

For today’s post, I’ve got recipes for two fresh, simple, delicious, nutritious salads! One of my most recent obsessions is to whip up big batches of grain or pasta salads. I love to… Continue reading

Yet Another Wonderful Feast

This weekend, my fantastic, beautiful, amazing, lovely little sister, Sara, cooked me a feast fit for a queen! I seriously died and went to heaven. I was served a spectacular three courses gourmet… Continue reading

A Recipe for Vegetarian Tacos

Tonight’s dinner is one of my favourite staple recipes. I came up with it a while back, when I first started experimenting with creating my own recipes. Since then, I’ve made it a… Continue reading

Banana Bread French Toast!

Mmmm… Breakfast yesterday morning was UHmazing. French toast might be my new favourite thing. Especially when it’s made with banana bread! I got the idea for this dish at a restaurant in Victoria,… Continue reading

Taking it Easy

I’ve decided to take an entirely different approach to my training this time around. Rather than throwing myself into it full-throttle, I’ve been, instead, just kind of going with the flow. I don’t… Continue reading