Pump Me Up Music

These last few weeks, I’ve been really trying to get back into running on a regular, weekly basis. And.. so far so good. In fact, I can’t believe I went so long with having done so little of it! I LOVE running. I really do. I know a lot of people say that, but I think they often don’t mean it. I really do mean it. It’s a beautiful, wonderful, empowering, energizing, exhilarating, powerful thing, runnning is. And I LOVE it. In fact, I’d shout it out from on top of a mountain!

Anyways, I thought I’d celebrate my rediscovery of this great love of mine by sharing a few of my current running song favourites… These are those gems that, when they come blasting on my earphones in the middle of a run, I feel a great surge of adrenaline, have the sudden ability to super-boost my pace, and am forced to hold back the urge to burst out in song.

10. Fefe Dobson – Can’t Breathe

9. Selena Gomez – That’s More Like it

8. Florence + the Machine – Shake it Out

7. Amy Macdonald – Spark

6. Selena Gomez – Who Says

5. Zola Jesus – Seekir

4. Bastille – Flaws

3. Leona Lewis & Avicii – Collide

2. Rihanna & Calvin Harris – We Found Love

1. Coldplay/Rihanna – Princess of China

PS: This is my favourite website for finding new music: We Are Hunted. You should check it out!