Gettin Back Into the Swing of Things

I just concluded the most intense, ridiculous week EVER. I had a total of 3 major tests, I trained 4 days for my new job AND my sister arrived and moved into our new apartment. This literally all took place within the span of seven days. I’m telling you, I slept like a baby last night. Siiiigggghhhh. Relief!

So, this is where I get back into my regular routine, which means making regular posts on my blog (fingers crossed!!), exercising regularly, sleeping properly, eating properly, and, of course, getting out and about to enjoy this beautiful city that I am so lucky to live in!

I saw a nutritionist a few weeks back to get tested for food insensitivity and to seek guidance about how I can eat to improve my energy levels. I’m a busy girl and I need all the vigor and vitality I can get! Turns out I’ve got a number of sensitivities to foods I tend to eat a lot of :S …including soy, peanuts, eggs, corn and wheat. Ugh. So, she’s set me up on a “mostly” raw food diet (outside of class) in order to balance all the “unhealthy” eating that I do at school!

Here are some of the tasty things I’ve been making for dinner:

It’s actually going pretty well. I’ve been making a lot of smoothies, grain and green salads, bought myself a juicer (which I have yet to break out and use), and snack on lots of fresh and dried fruit, nuts, and veggies. School is a whole other ball-game, of course. I eat a gourmet catered veggie meal for lunch every day (which often is actually quite healthy), and then I snack on and “taste” all the goodies that we create in pastry class. It’s heaven, really!

Here are a few pictures of my delicious school-catered lunches:


I’ve just started work at a fine food store, and it’s going really well, but it means having a super busy schedule and not a lot of time for cooking and exercise. So, I’ve been keeping things simple when it comes to mealtime. I’ve managed to be hitting up the gym for a quick work-out, 3 times a week. There is a great community centre just down the street from where I go to school, so I head over after class, meet a friend, and we do our thing. It’s so much fun having a buddy to work out with!

So, all in all, my life is back on track. I’m trying reallyyy hard to keep up the blog, so hopefully now that things have settled down at school, I can spend some time in the evening making it happen! 😀