I’m back! Unfortunately, though, for a little while longer it won’t be nearly as often as I’d like. Things are pretty hectic for me as it is right now, and I haven’t got nearly enough time to do nearly enough of anything. I’ve been in Vancouver for two weeks now and have been spending the majority of my time getting settled into a routine, searching endlessly for an apartment and baking baking baking like a madwoman! Any extra bit of my time has been dedicated to trekking back and forth from where I’m staying temporarily on the North shore to wherever any of my endless errands may take me. I’m exhausted, to say the least.

However, I’m super duper uber STOKED about school!! So far it’s been AMAZING! I started my baking and pastry program on June 27th. The first two weeks were spent making bread bread bread galore!! We mixed and kneaded, fermented and proofed, shaped and baked over 25 different varieties of yeasted breads! And I loved every single second of it!

Here are a just a very few of the sweet things we’ve done so far..

Baguettes, mixed three different ways!

Pizza, from scratch, ready just in time for lunch! (As a side note: the advanced culinary students cater lunch for us every day and it’s AWESOME!)

A specialty shaped bread called “Fougasse” ..we made mini versions too! (and that’s focaccia there in the back)

Our class started, Penelope: She’s growing up so fast! (That’s Mr. X beside her. He’s just about to retire.)

Bagels and pretzels! Definitely one of my favourite things so far.

We made a whole bunch of flavored Breads as well, including (but not limited to) asiago cheese bread, whole wheat rosemary bread, walnut bread, sun-dried tomato and roasted garlic bread, and this tasty one below (olive bread!).

This week we’re working on laminated doughs. That means croissants and danishes, and all the fillings and creams that go along with ’em! Jealous yet? You should be 😛

Next post (hopefully by the end of this week) will be on the s’mores I made from scratch up at my cottage a couple weekends ago. FYI: they turned out really well and were beyond mouth-wateringly delicious!