A Glorious Feast

Feast Night has resumed now that I’m back and at it in the kitchen. Yesterday, my sister and I cooked up a phenomenal spread and enjoyed it out on our back patio. It was a gorgeous, warm, sunny day – perfect for an outdoor dinner.

The whole meal actually didn’t take a whole lot of time to prepare. We started with the dessert – made it first in the morning, right after breakfast, which took maybe 45 minutes to whip up. It tasted like it took days, though! SO yummy!! It needed time to chill and firm up in the refrigerator, though, so we got it done first thing.

It was a Raw Mango Lime Cheesecake with a coconut almond crust. I got the recipe from a cookbook called Everyday Raw Desserts by Matthew Kenney. I couldn’t find raw cashews OR raw macadamia nuts in any of the local grocery stores, so instead of trekking all the way out to Whole Foods in Oakville, I opted to swap almonds for the macadamia nuts in the crust and brazil nuts for the cashews in the filling. It turned out really well – super creamy and luscious!

I seriously LOVE raw desserts, and they’re actually, for the most part, super simple and quick to make. Not to mention, they’re full of delicious, healthy nutrients – great fats, fresh fruit and tasty yummy goodness! It was the perfect end to our meal, which was also absolutely sensational…

For the main, we made Millet Black Bean Patties (recipe from Clean Food, by Terry Walters), topped with fresh Avocado-Tomato Salsa (recipe from the Rebar Modern Food Cookbook).

They were heavenly! Crunchy on the outside, and creamy and decadent on the inside. The salsa was super easy, and fantastically fresh and delicious. We made it with heirloom and yellow cherry tomatoes, so it was gorgeous and vibrant!

As a side, we threw together a simple, Raw Kale Slaw from the Moosewood Restaurant Cooking for Health Cookbook.

It was really flavourful and colourful, and the addition of shredded apple gave it a lovely sweetness that counter-balanced with the bitterness of the kale very nicely! I really enjoyed it, and think it would be even tastier as leftovers, after the flavours of the dish have had some time to mingle. Unlike most lettuces, kale is a good one to let marinade in it’s dressing, because it will soften up just a little and lose it’s bitterness. And it holds up and stays crisp, because it’s such a hearty veg.

We drank sparkling pink lemonade, and it was the perfect accompaniment to our wonderful feast.

The whole thing was absolute perfection!