I Love You, Victoria

I have 2 weeks and 2 days left in Victoria and I’m kind of really really sad about it. Especially after this gorgeous week. Ugh, why can’t there be a good culinary school in Victoria!? I don’t want to move!

The last few days have been absolutely beautiful and the rest of the week’s weather is planning on torturing me with sunshine as well. I swear it’s happening on purpose, just as a way for the world to stick it’s big fat tongue out at me and say “na na na boo boo, you can’t stay here!” I’m trying desperately to look on the brighter side of things – like the fact that Vancouver is a darn sweet city and has TONS to offer, I’ve always been in love with it, and I have friends there that I adore, there are restaurant GALORE, and beaches and mountains and all sorts of fabulous things. But then I start thinking about how much commuting is involved in living in Van, how you can get ANYWHERE in Victoria in a matter of minutes, how the people in Victoria are the friendliest people I’ve ever met, how I love love love my job here, how I adore my apartment here, and just the fact that Victoria is the most absolutely GORGEOUS city ever!

I mean, hello? Who wouldn’t be depressed to leave this? Anyways, on to more pressing matters, and an explanation for my extended absence from this here blog…

I’ve been sick with an awful cold. Perfect timing, eh? NOT! The marathon is in less than two weeks, so I’m pretty much screwed. I haven’t been able to train in 2 and a half weeks. I feel awful and unprepared. And I’m fed up with it. Really really fed up with it, yet there is nothing that I can do, except rest. And let me tell you, I am not one to enjoy rest for several days on end. I’ll admit, I love a good lounge day here and there – as a recovery after a long weekend or a break after a difficult week. But I hate, more than anything, being forced to couch-potato-om for no other reason than stupid, frustrating, pointless sickness! Ugh! Help me!

I’ve been keeping as active as possible – walking a lot, working full-time at the coffee shop, and I took a couple weekend trips to Vancouver. But, I’ve got a stuffed nose, sore throat, continual throbbing headache and feel weak beyond belief. I went to Van to run the BMO Vancouver Marathon last weekend, but instead went apartment sublet searching for this summer, because I felt I wasn’t well enough and was unprepared for the run. It was kind of a big bummer. But, in the end, I did find a place for sublet this summer! So, yay!

Continuing on with the sad news: due to my absence from training, and my general state of health (not so good, at this time), I’ve decided that my best option for the half-marathon, that I’m supposed to be running on May 1st, is to downgrade to the 8K instead. I’m disappointing, because I really had been looking forward to running my first half-marathon, but at the same time, I’m kind of relieved. My mom and sister are flying out from Toronto and were planning on running the 8K while I did the half, so now I’ll just run with them instead! I think it’ll be kind of nice. I’ve been stressing a LOT the last week or so, thinking there is no way I’m going to be in any shape to run 21.1K and survive. I want to be able to run my first half-marathon and finish feeling good about it, not horrible and mangled. If things had gone according to plan, I’d never have gotten sick and would have continued training hard, would have been fully prepared, and would have been able to run the half-marathon successfully and with confidence. That’s how I want it to be, so I’m just going to have to hold off for a little while longer.

Now, on the brighter side of things, my aunt and uncle (my roommate/cousin/best friend’s parents) are in town, visiting. They’ve taken us out for some lavish meals, and yesterday, we ventured out to Thetis Lake. I got some great photos.

The weather was fantastic. We walked downtown for a bit as well, and came across a vibrant garden of flowers.

Then, we headed over to Beacon Hill Park, and walked around there for a little bit. We saw duckies, para-gliders, and the tallest totem pole in the world! It was just a stunning afternoon.

I had a really lovely day, but every day that I enjoy like this makes it that much harder to accept the reality that I am leaving in 2 weeks. It’s all going to be okay, though (that’s what I keep telling myself, anyways). Vancouver is awesome (It really really is – I love it to pieces), it’s just that I’ve fallen head over heals for Victoria, and I’m having a hard time dealing with that!