Wish List

I’ve got a lot on my plate at the moment.

1. I’m moving out of my apartment in one month. We’ve done little to prepare, thus far, and I’ve just realized that there is a super long list of to-do’s, and very little time to get it all done while both my roommate and I are still around. I’m kind of freaking out.

2. Training has been tough the last week or so. I had a really busy, non-stop week – I was out and about and then away in Vancouver all weekend. I’ve missed a few days of running, but this week I’ve been exhausted, recovering from the craziness, and I’m feeling kind of sick, so I haven’t been able to find the energy to get back on schedule with my workouts. Oy Vey.

3. My body is begging for a break, but I working full-time, and my job is pretty exhausting, as I am on my feet all day long. It’s not helping me on my return journey to full health.

4. My laundry desperately needs to get done. It is overflowing and, honestly, I’m running low on underwear. I have a ton of pairs of underwear, too, so that’s saying something of how busy I’ve been… :S Too much information? Sorry.

5. Saddest party of all, I’ve had little (if any at all) time to do any sort of cooking or baking. You have no idea what that will do (and already has done) to my sanity. Making food is my biggest form of stress relief (that, and running) and having not been able to do so has been a miserable, awful thing.

Anyways, I plan on making a full recovery in the next 24 hours. So, I’m going to bed at a decent hour tonight, am going to let my body wake itself up tomorrow morning to ensure a proper sleep. I will then eat a good, healthy, hearty breakfast, will head out to meet with my “little” (Big Brothers Big Sisters volunteering). From there, I will go to work for the afternoon. After work, I will then, and only then, assess whether I am feeling well enough to go for an evening jog. If all goes well, the verdict will be yes. But, if my body is begging me to take it easy, like it has been the last few days, I’ll try again the next day.

In the mean time, I owe you guys a blog post, and since I’ve had zero time to cook or bake anything blog-worthy, and training has been pretty much nonexistent, the topic of the day is this: Jenn’s Kitchen Wish List!

I have an endless list of kitchen gadgets that I would die to own, but obviously I can’t even imagine being able afford to buy them all anytime in the near future. So, below are those kitchen tools that I desperately would like to have, and am currently saving up my money for! PS: my birthday is on July 5th – coming up pretty soon. Just saying.

Kitchen Wish List (Top 5)

1. KitchenAid Stand Mixer.

This is one kitchen gadget that every single at-home chef should own. I can’t believe I’ve managed to go this long without one. That is going to change very soon, however, as I will be asking the rents for an ice blue one for my birthday this year! Oh how my life will be complete once I get my hands on one of these puppies. 😀

2. Baking Stone (Unglazed).

These things can be used to bake bread, rolls, crackers, and the best crispy crust pizza ever. Recently, I have fallen in love with baking bread of any kind – loaves, rolls, bagels, English muffins, etc, etc, etc. I would go WILD with one of these. Never again would I buy bread from the grocery store.

3. Waffle Iron.

I seriously need one of these. My parents own one, and I am probably going to just steal it from them, because, lord knows when the last time was that they even glanced in it’s direction. They wouldn’t miss it one bit, and it would get a ton of use with me. Ideally, I’d get one that makes those adorable heart shapes!

4. Kitchen Weight Scale.

I’m going to be a pastry chef one day, and proper pasty chefs weigh their ingredients rather than use measuring cups. So many recipes that I have come across in the past, for really yummy looking pastries and baked goods, list ingredients by weight. I’ve always attempted to convert to cups, and things never ever turn out as well as they should. Precision in key in baking!

5. Vitamix

I used to work in the kitchen, as a prep chef, at a raw food restaurant in Victoria, called Cafe Bliss. We did a LOT of high-speed blending in order to create super smooth and creamy sauces, dressings, nut milks, raw chocolate mousses, and all sorts of other fillings and fun stuff for raw dishes and desserts of endless kinds. Plus, it pulverizes the skin of fruits and vegetables, so you can make yummy smoothies with all those added nutritional benefits. It was at Cafe Bliss that I fell in love with the Vitamix.

So, there it is. Please keep in mind that July 5th is just around the corner! Thanks. Bye!

Tomorrow’s Post: My Top Fave Victoria Restaurants.