Om Nom!

I’ve got lots of super scrum-diddly-umptious, tasty, deee-lish food and photos to share with you today. I’ll keep my chatter to a minimum, so you can just completely immerse yourselves in what I am about to share with you.

Mac and cheese. I just don’t have the words to describe my love for this oozing, gooey, stretchy-stringy, sinfully decadent dish of wonderfulness. But, what I can say is that I have been craving a good old homemade mac for a very long time now and, FINALLY, I whipped some up the other night. It. Was. SO good.

The recipe, which came from the cookbook, The Vegetarian Student Cookbook, called for Gruyere cheese (which I utterly LOVE, by the way), but I couldn’t find it at our local grocery store, so I picked up some yummy, creamy Havarti instead.

Mmmmm cheese. Havarti + Parmesan = Heaven.

The sauce was a luscious bechamel, which got all mixed up with a bit of leek, some seasoning, nutmeg, a big handful of baby spinach (for some colour and nutrition) and, of course, the cheese!

I scooped the sauce into a couple individual oven-proof bowls, mixed in the boiled whole wheat macaroni noodles and some broccoli for a bit more of a nutritious punch. That all got topped off with a little extra cheese, and then was off to the oven for a quick broil.

Five minutes later, it exited the oven looking like that. Yeah, I know right? And it tasted EVEN better than it looked, if you can believe it!

I could eat homemade macaroni and cheese every day for the rest of my life. Seriously.

The next morning, I made this for breakfast:

Scrambled eggs with asparagus, red pepper, scallions, cherry tomatoes and parmesan cheese, topped off with a big scoop of tomato salsa and some chopped fresh cilantro. Yummmm!

And, today for lunch after my moksha yoga class, I went to a little restaurant just down the street called Relish Food and Coffee. I had, possibly, the best sandwich I’ve ever eaten. Ever. In the history of Ever-dom.

It was a GIANT mother of a beast, loaded with red lentil almond pate, carrot-apple salad, and herb goat cheese. Oh my gosh. Can I please just say that I love love love goat cheese. The bun was a mini focaccia loaf – fluffy and wonderful in all sorts of ways. Everything about this sandwich was utter perfection.

And along side my big fat lovely sandy, I enjoyed one of the best soy London fogs I’ve ever experienced in my life. And I have definitely tried my fair share of London fogs, let me tell you. In fact, I work at a coffee shop that makes a damn fine one. But, sorry my beloved Bean, this one kinda was even better. Don’t hate. I must find out what soy milk/vanilla syrup/earl gray tea brand they use.

Anyways, there’s the work of art right there, with a little added sprinkle of cinnamon.

Obviously, I demolished the whole meal. But, when do I not, really?

Tomorrow is my roommates much anticipated 20th Birthday. I’ll be making a big brekky tomorrow morning for the two of us, Then I plan on spending the entire day in the kitchen, making dinner and super ambitious birthday cake for tomorrow night! The menu, photos and a full blog report will be soon to follow.