A Very Green St. Patrick’s Day

It was a day chock-full of green yesterday. A fun-filled, crazy, hazy, shamrock day. I had a lovely green smoothie for brekky (banana+spinach+frozen berries+flaxseed oil+milk+juice). I spent the morning baking up a storm, preparing our green dessert for the night’s St. Patrick’s Day celebration green dinner. I made lemon whoopie pies with cream cheese filling – dyed a festive light green.

I would have liked them to have been a darker shade, but I was afraid if I added much more food colouring, they’d start to taste like chemicals. Man, it takes a LOT of dye to make baked goods change colour.

In keeping with the festive theme, it was a lush green day outside, sunny and beautiful. Dinner was green veggies – cucumber, peas and green pepper – and a big hefty lump of green mashed potatoes, all chased down with bright green, bubbly, food-coloured ginger ale.

To finish things off, we had the whoopie pies that I made earlier – which might have been my favourite so far of the three I’ve made (check the others out here and here) – all of the recipes from the cookbook Whoopie Pies, which I am currently obsessed with.

Then we bee-lined it for the Sticky Wicket Pub, making sure to get there nice and early so we would miss the massive lines. We got some green drinks – the bartenders were dying everything we ordered, including wine and tequila shots. I was kind of excited about it. We had a fun night.

Overall, it was a very successful day-long celebration. I hope you all enjoyed some good green fun too!