A Great Day

I woke up this morning and decided that today was going to be a great day. I kicked it off with a big ol’ bowl full of organic vanilla yogurt and fresh, homemade granola (the recipe of which I blogged about in yesterday’s post). I topped it of with yummy-in-my-tum kiwi chunks and another dollop of ‘gurt! I downed a large mug of coffee and then got ready for the day.

I was off to the gym for my training this morning, which went very well. I can’t believe it’s already week four! Wow, the time is just flyin’ by! Love it!

On my way home, I stopped and ate lunch at a little cafe called Sally Bun. I’ve been dying to check this place out for a really long time, but somehow haven’t managed to until today. I’m very glad I finally did, though! It was just such a delightful spot – a cute little set-up, super sweet staff, absolutely scrumptious food, and the smell of fresh-baked cinnamon buns permanently wafting through the air. It was heavenly.

I ordered a mixed green salad, topped with grated beets and carrots, thinly slivered red onion, and sunflower seeds, with a lime-cilantro dressing. It was so fresh and crunchy and wonderful. I also got a tomato, artichoke and feta stuffed bun. It was so so cute and round and glossy and incredibly tasty!

Yumm! My tummy was quite happy today. At the coffee shop, it also enjoyed a bright red, crispy royal gala and a lovely vanilla soy peppermint tea misto. Mmm, I love my job. AND for dinner, it had curried lentil soup, and a pesto, sundried tomato and artichoke panini. Dessert was a gooey caramel butter bar, leftover from last night’s feast.

My oh my, turns out I did, indeed, have a fabulous day! I think I’ll just go curl up in my bed now and watch a movie on my laptop to finish off the evening. 🙂