I do a lot of thinking. Like, deep, reminiscent, pondering of all kinds, about everything and anything that is going on in my life. I often find it distracts me from getting things done and tends to cause me quite a bit of strife and stress. That is why I absolutely love my job, working in a coffee shop where I’m constantly busy, running around, distracted from my own mind. It’s also why I am in LOVE with cooking, and running, two activities that allow me to clear my head of everything BUT exactly what I am doing. So, although a ton of my time, on a daily basis, is spent doing all three of those things, and therefore keeps my thoughts from wandering too much, I still spend hours on end – while walking to work/the gym/the grocery store/etc, chilling in the evening before heading to bed, hanging out during my work breaks, etc etc – thinking. During these intimate moments with myself, I find my mind wandering back to the same few topics.

Here is a list of things that tend to cross my mind several times a day…

1. Summertime. Lately, images of lazy summertime afternoons have been occupying the majority of my thoughts. The sun, the warmth, and the blue sky. Long days, late nights and few worries. The cottage – oh the cottage – how I miss the cottage. How I long for the cottage. Tubing, tanning, bonfires and boat rides. Friends and family. Camping. Outdoor runs and strolls through the park. Beaches, and, most importantly of all, my Birthday! My oh my, is there ever a LOT to look forward to!

2. Food. Quite honestly, I am obsessed with it. I love to cook, bake and, most of all, eat. And one of my very favourite things in the world to spend my leisure time doing is going out to restaurants. It’s just SO exciting!
“What should I make for dinner tonight (tomorrow, next week..)?”
“Where should we go out for dinner this weekend?”
“Man, I really want to bake something scrumptious this afternoon. Cookies, maybe?”
“Holy crap, I’m excited to start baking and pastry school in June!
And the thoughts go on and on and on…

3. Traveling. Among my top dream destinations at this time are Ireland, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand. I like adventure and the outdoors. The British and Irish Countryside, white water rafting in New Zealand, surfing in Australia. I usually catch myself imagining exactly where and when I plan on making these trips, researching hotels and sites to visit. I’ve even found myself having entirely planned a vacation before realizing that, sadly, I don’t actually have the money to turn them into a reality. Oh, poop. Well, someday in the near future I will save some money and take off for a long, luxurious travel vacay. Maybe I won’t even return…?

4. Friends and Family. I have really really great friends and a fantastic family that I love to bits. Here in Victoria are some of my closest friends and I’m so grateful! However, my heart is torn because I live far far away from a LOT of my very close friends. My mom, sister and dad are in Ontario, along with the majority of my extended family – aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. My brother is in medical school in Sydney, Australia (I know – so jealous!). It’s pretty tough, and I definitely miss them on a daily basis. So, I like to reminisce about the past good times we’ve had, and imagine the many good times soon to come!

So, that’s what’s up. I’ve been thinking. A lot. And as I re-read what I’ve written here, I realize that I’ve got a lot to be thankful for and a ton to look forward to! And also, I realize that my life kind of rocks right now. I think I’ll ponder that for a bit while I have some time to think this afternoon!

Anyways, happy thoughts to you all!

Look forward to a tasty post in the next day or two, because burritos are on the menu tonight for dins! 😀