Week One Complete & Blogs That I Love

Hey guys! So, my first week (of a 10 week training plan) is done! I ran over 22 miles in total this week! I am slowly building up my distance running and it has been quite successful thus far. It was a solid week and I feel great. During my run on the day after my 6-miler, my legs were slightly achy, probably because they were still kind of in recovery mode. But, l’m very excited about my progress and, for the most part, only felt strong and energized throughout the week!

Yesterday I celebrated my success with a bit of a shopping spree. I got a complete Lululemon outdoor running outfit (including my FAVO lulu socks that I now own four pairs of). And let me tell you, I look pretty snazzy! I also bought a new water bottle with a proper spout for running and TWO pairs of runners – one for indoor training and one for outdoor! Yay! There goes my last paycheck and a half.. Hah. It was money well-spent, though, and a great investment in my health!

Speaking of my half-marathon training and the fact that I have been focusing my training on improving my distance, I should mention that I’ve decided to give some electrolyte and recovery drinks a try. I’m constantly concerned about making sure that I’m consuming enough calories and nourishing my body with all the nutrients it needs to properly recover from my training. So, I picked up a few “Gu Brew” packets that you add to a large bottle of water. The “Electrolyte” packets are for drinking during your run or training sessions. The “Recovery” packets are for drinking directly following a run or training session. I haven’t had a chance to try them out yet, but tomorrow I’ll be giving one of the Electrolyte packets a go during my 4-mile run.

Now, as always, I’ve got to sneak something to do with food into this post. So, how about some talk of food blogging, because, after all, it is pretty much my favourite past time. Here is a very short list of some of my top faves:

1. Foodgawker: The mother of all food blogs, this one is by far my absolute favourite. It compiles amazing recipes from food blogs around the world, all sorted into a beautiful photo grid that is gorgeously mouth-watering. I check into it at least twice a day and have a “favourites list” that expands by at least 10 recipes per day. Much of my cooking and baking inspirations have spawned from this very site.

2. (Never Home)maker: As described on the website, this is a “fit blog for foodies.” The bloggers, Ashley and Stephen, are avid runners and and share some spectacular recipes. Check it out if you seek info on healthy foods and jogging advice!

3. Joy the Baker: I love Joy’s blog. Her photos are beautiful, her food is gorgeous, and she is so funny and inspiring. No more explanation is needed. Just go to her blog and be dazzled.

4. Cupcakes and Cashmere: Fashion, Food, and Travel. This chick has the sweetest life. I pretty much visit her site to vicariously live through her. Plus, she’s gorgeous and shares all the same interests as me!

5. GOOP: Gweneth Paltrow’s blog – it covers everything – food, travel, shopping, adventure, etc, etc.

6. I have SO many bookmarked vegan blogs, because 1. I was vegan for a year and 2. I still love vegan food and it remains a large part of my diet. So, in addition to my numerous vegan cookbooks, I love to search out delicious, healthy, dairy- and egg-free veggie recipes online. These are my top 7 fave spots to do so:
Have Cake, Will Travel (mostly yummy vegan baking recipes)
Veggie Num Num
Veggie Wedgie
Manifest Vegan
Everyday Dish TV (vegan recipe video blog)
Fat Free Vegan
Post Punk Kitchen

7. Top 3 General Cooking Blogs that I LOVE (there are so many more that I enjoy along with these, but I don’t want to overwhelm you):
Naturally Ella
Green Kitchen Stories
Tablespoon (make sure to check out the other two blogs associated with this one)

8. Top 3 General Baking Blogs:
My Baking Addiction
Honey & Jam
Obsessed with Baking

9. Yum, I LOVE raw foods. I definitely could not ever sacrifice fresh baked bread, cheese, pastries, and all the other good things that cooking and baking brings, but the odd raw food meal and TO DIE FOR raw desserts are YUM-tastic. Here are my top pics for raw food blogs:
Sweetly Raw (raw food desserts galore!)
Pure 2 Raw

10. Fun, Silly and Interesting Food Sites:
Snap Food
Bake It In A Cake
Ming Makes Cupcakes
This Is Why You’re Fat

Please share with me what YOUR favourite blogs are! I’m always interested in expanding my already way too large collection of bookmarked sites!!

PS: Tonight’s Dinner – Vegetarian Thai Fried Rice! (See blog tomorrow for photos!)