Ten Tunes I Heart

The following is a list of songs/artists that currently make my life complete. I listen to them probably five plus times a day every day and recommend that you start doing the same.… Continue reading

Festa Italiana

My sister Sara and I hosted our second “Secret Supper Club” last night. Ten Guests attended and feasted on the Italian themed 5-course meal that we had prepared. Cocktails (Bellini’s with home-made Ontario… Continue reading

Three More Things

It’s official. After, literally, years of saying that I really wanted to, but never actually did, I have officially pursued my previously persistent and failed intentions of executing the following three things… 1.… Continue reading

Ten Things

Ten things that I love right now: summertime bbq-ing coconut bliss ice-cream – so yum! green smoothies (with kale and ontario berries) bulldogs. need i say more? serving anything but tea in teacups… Continue reading

I’m Back!!

Hey guys, Been a while, hey? Didn’t think I was ever coming back, did ya? Well, truthfully, I wasn’t entirely convinced myself. Let’s just say life has been a little bit overwhelming. Culinary… Continue reading


I’m taking a break from Dash & Devour while going to school at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts. I don’t have enough time or energy to bake/cook at home, on top of… Continue reading

Pump Me Up Music

These last few weeks, I’ve been really trying to get back into running on a regular, weekly basis. And.. so far so good. In fact, I can’t believe I went so long with… Continue reading

Pear Spice Layer Cake with Pear Caramel Buttercream

Okay, okay, okay, I’m back. Promise. So lets get right back to business with a recipe! Yay! I made this layer cake at school for Bistro 101‘s lunch service. It was a big… Continue reading

Energizer Night Race

2 months from today, my sister and I are taking part in a 5K night run through Stanley Park! It’s called the Energizer Night Race and the charity in association is the Starlight… Continue reading

Gettin Back Into the Swing of Things

I just concluded the most intense, ridiculous week EVER. I had a total of 3 major tests, I trained 4 days for my new job AND my sister arrived and moved into our… Continue reading